Lynns Meals In Minutes

Here are some tasty, kid friendly items.  All still prepared with the freshest, natural ingredients even with a few veggies tucked in here and there.  It'll taste so good they won't even notice them.

  • Homemade baked macaroni and cheese with your choice of mix-ins.  Sautéed spinach, steamed broccoli, peas and either grilled or breaded chicken
  • Parmesan tilapia
  • Cheesy catfish
  • Chicken parmesan with spaghetti, home made meat sauce
  • Spaghetti and meatballs, home made meatballs
  • Cheese steak pasta-thinly sliced beef with onions, peppers and mushrooms in a cheese sauce with egg noodles
  • Taco pie-beef or chicken
  • Honey mustard chicken
  • Steak pizzaoli-pizza toppings on steak
  • Cheeseburger stuffed shells
  • Lasagna cupcakes-individual lasagna servings made in muffin tins with wonton wrappers
  • Tuna noodle casserole with peas (made with fresh grilled tuna and a homemade cheese sauce, topped with crushed potato chips )


  • Orange glazed carrots and grapes
  • Cheesy spinach mashed potatoes
  • Maple roasted carrots or sweet potatoes
  • Twice baked sweet potatoes with raisins and pineapple